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Test-drive COBRA 1850 Alum

Test-drive COBRA 1850 Alum

Test-drive COBRA 1850 Alum.Kharkov...
COBRA 1850 Alum

COBRA 1850 Alum

Overall length, m 5,5 Width 2,10 Dry weight (without engine), kg 510 Draft (loaded with 600 kg), m 0,35 / 0,85 Max. Engine power, hp 115 Fuel capacity, L 90 Load capacity,...
Boat COBRA 2050 IB - new modification 2013

Boat COBRA 2050 IB - new modification 2013

Boat COBRA 2050 IB - new modification 2013...

COBRA 1650 TC with an aluminum hull

COBRA boats from Kharkov are well known in Ukraine and beyond for more than ten years. Each year we update the model range, develop interesting solutions in options, and modify existing models. Until later all COBRA hulls have been made of fiberglass. Thus a new variant of COBRA 1650 TC boat with a body of AMg-5m aluminum alloy has been fabricated. What urged us to use such new construction material?

Lightness, durability and repairability of fiberglass used in shipbuilding stood the test of time. However features of water areas (stony shore) and habituation of some fishermen to metallic boats led designers to the idea of producing a boat with a plastic deck and the metallic hull. The aluminum hull allows mooring to any place and easy maneuvering in shallow waters. For some Russian rivers the boat with the metallic hull is more than an acceptable choice.

COBRA 1650 model incorporates those features that have always been considered as important by COBRA designers: speed, safety and reliability. The boat design already stood the test of time. A special bilge form (classic deep V-shaped lines with high deadrise), balanced boat weight distribution of COBRA allow quick transiting to plane, having good performance data, soft ride as well as using an engine of lesser power and saving fuel. Water gripping sponsons increase lift capacity, yaw stability (when gliding), provide good maneuvering. Subdivision of COBRA 1650 is provided by special buoyant compartments and a specially calculated framework provides margin of strength and rigidity.

Everyone who had tested the boat on water noticed its quick transition to plane, perfect stability in motion, good ergonomics and comfortability. Tests carried out with 1-3 person crews showed perfect maneuverability in all modes. Fishing amateurs evaluated new capabilities provided by the metal bilge: it is possible to land to any shore spot without speed decrease, to sail in unknown waters without fear to damage the hull by snags.

Guardrails transit to the high separated bow pulpit, which provides comfortable disembarkation. Steering console harmonically fits the boat general design concept: stylish and flying profile, modern facing elements.

Under the seat of the bow cockpit there is a self-bailing storage area for the anchor and mooring ropes. Guardrails are enough for all passengers. There are spots, where it is possible to install fishing rod holders for fishermen convenience.

When fishing with a partner it is enough space in the bow cockpit as well as in the aft cockpit. There is convenient access to the sides and in the locker under the aft transom it is possible place belongings and fishing gear.

A thoroughly developed basic configuration and wide choice of auxiliary equipment allow preparing such modification of COBRA 1650, which maximally meets customer’s requirements. Now it is possible to choose a hull type: fiberglass or aluminum alloy.

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